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Let’s face it all of us want to be fit without giving up our delicious food and without spending too much time in the gym. In some areas, gyms are becoming so packed that we can’t even go at the time we want if we want to use certain machines. Combine this with the selfie taking fanatics and the ‘know it alls’ that think everyone wants their advice, it is no surprise that gyms don’t appeal to everyone. But you don’t need to worry because losing weight and giving your body, the desired shape is not as robust as it might seem. In many cases, it is just a matter of assigning 30 minutes per day to simple body exercises. Better yet, you can do these workouts without the gym.

Here you are going to learn about the physical exercises that don’t require the gym, much of your time or much of your money.

workouts without the gym



The first example of  effective workouts without the gym is the use of stretching. Stretching is a great physical exercise for improving general fitness. If you are not an athlete and want to follow a fitness regime, then try some static stretching. All you need to do is contract and relax the body muscles, particularly those in the arms and legs for a particular duration of time. A useful aspect of stretching is that it doesn’t carry any risk of injury. You also don’t need any equipment and therefore no gym either. But don’t forget to consult your physicians if you are facing specific health disorders. Otherwise, primary static stretching exercises do not even require the guidelines by an instructor. Doing this exercises for only 10 minutes during the early days of fitness regime can make a real difference.

Body weight exercises

Above all, body weight exercises totally free to do and can be done anywhere that you feel is appropriate. Benefits include increasing metabolism, strengthening your bones and improving your mood. Body weight exercises have also been proven to improve the quality of your sleep. Sounds amazing doesn’t it? That’s because it is. All it takes is a little bit of effort combined with a little be of know how.

As mentioned earlier, starting a fitness regime doesn’t necessarily mean hitting the gym. Just begin assigning 30 minutes on a daily basis. Why not begin with mixing a few of these exercises together?


Squats are often seen as a must if you are looking to get in shape. A useful aspect of the squats is that they engage almost all the body’s muscles in one way or other. A squat will mainly work the lower half of your body and your core, this helps to give you a good foundation when tackling other exercises.

Press ups 

One of the main ways to engage your chest muscles without the use of any gym weights is the press up. This exercise too comes with a number of benefits associated to it. Press ups increase an individual’s functional strength and helps to improve posture. Like the squat, a press up is considered a compound exercise this is because it engages your chest, core, shoulders and back collectively.

Pull ups

Many regard the pull up as the most difficult body weight exercise that targets the upper body and there is good reason for this. Its requires you to first hang of a horizontal bar with just your hands clasped around it. You must then proceed to pull your body weight up so that your chest is level with the bar and repeat this motion until you fail. Muscle groups that are targeted include; core, back, chest, shoulders, biceps, triceps and forearms. This probably explains why pull ups are so difficult to do.


A plank, that is executed well, is the perfect way to condition your core muscles whilst toning the other muscles in your body. By doing this exercise on a regular basis you can experience benefits such as a toned stomach and reduced back pain (due to an improved posture and balance).

Other excellent body weight exercises that you can check out include:

Burpees, Reverse Snow Angels, Superman tenses, Good mornings, Dips


Although it has now become mainstream, you shouldn’t refrain from practicing yoga. Adopting such an attitude towards yoga means you are probably underestimating its power. Another misconception that might be barring you from doing yoga is that it requires mastering a technique. In fact, Yoga has many different postures, poses and breathing techniques that can be executed by beginners. You also don’t need to spend hours on one pose. Just pick a time; it can be early morning, evening, before going to bed or even during the lunch break at your office. Take out 10 minutes from your busy routine, and you will be all set for a mental and physical detox.

Examples of simple yoga poses that you can try are listed below:


Lie on your back with knees bent vertically and feet planted flat. Thrust hips in the air and clasp hands behind your back. Hold this position for desired time.


Lie on your front with palms flat to the floor. Lift torso vertically whilst keeping waist and legs flat to the ground and hold this position.

Downward facing dog

Kneel down with hands flat on the floor. Then lift knees while keeping hands flat and plant your feet so that Glutes are in the air. Adjust so that there is a straight line from your hands to your Glutes. You should have a straight line from your Glutes to your planted feet. The poses should look like an upside-down V.

Easy pose

This is probably the exercise we associate the most to yoga but despite the name, can be quite challenging especially for beginners. This is best done whilst sat on some thing to support you such as a folded blanket or cushion, aim for around six inches high. Sit close to the edge of this support and cross your shins. Widen the knees and place each foot below each knee. You should be able to look down and see a triangle formed by the folded legs.

High lunge

This exercise is perfect for those that have office jobs because it helps to counter act the effects of prolonged sitting. From a standing position, lunge forward while keeping the back leg straight. Your front leg should form a sort of right angle. Then bring your torso towards your front knee so that your finger tips can touch the ground.

workouts without the gym


You can do cardio in so many ways. The good thing is that you don’t need to take time out for this. Usually, a 30 minutes jog is more than enough for a session. Still, if going to a nearby park is not possible for you, then consider walking on your way to work and back to home, a commutation by bicycle or by foot is the best cardio exercise. You should consider doing running or jogging for at least 150 minutes per week.

Take up a sport

Another way you can get fitter without going to the gym is by partaking in a sport. This can be done by getting a group of friends together or by joining a local team/class. The benefits of playing sport are numerous, from making new friends easily to getting fit while having fun. Sport allows you to socialise while making a positive impact to your well being, this leads to a positive attitude and boosted self-esteem. Some fun sports that you could consider are as follows:

Football, Boxing, Tennis, Badminton, Rugby, Swimming


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