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jll c400 treadmill

Beginner guide to buy a treadmill

The good weather is here, but being honest with ourselves we know that in England that sunshine would not last longer. It is always a pleasure running outdoors with this amazing weather, but for those raining days...

gym man on the treadmill running

Common problems with treadmills

Exercise on a treadmill is a very good workout for different muscle groups, but sometimes we get tired and bored after walking or running at the same speed for twenty or thirty minutes. This is one of...

treadmill silicon oil

5 Steps to Lubricate a Home Treadmill

The treadmill  running belt must be lubricated by special lubrication oil after a period of usage. Consult your instructional manual for specific information about type of lubricant you must use; how often you should lubricate the running...