Do You Take Time To Recover?


Two Men Lying on Gym Floor Beside Black BarbellSounds simple, doesn’t it? But how often do you take the time to recover or aid recovery?


With today’s blog, we will break down what recovery is and the best equipment that we provide to help you.


After a gym session or activity, your body has gone through a lot of work and needs to recover. The easy thing to do would be to eat, drink and get a good night’s sleep…right?


Eating, hydration and rest will contribute to recovery however, what you are missing is…


  • Massage
  • Stretching
  • Active Recovery


Before discussing each one, what is recovery? It is simply the process of getting better and returning to a normal state of health. When training, your body can be affected aerobically and anaerobically. This takes its toll on your muscles however, eating helps refuel the body of lost nutrients, hydration replenishes lost water and rest helps to speed up the progress. Stretching and Massage will be performed straight after the session and aid recovery.




Imagine having a bowling ball rolling across the sand, it is not going to happen, or it will take you ages. With stretching, you are allowing the targeted muscles to increase blood flow and circulation. If you do not stretch you have a risk of increase soreness, injury and a bowling ball that will never hit a strike. It is recommended to stretch for at least 10 minutes with the targeted area to be worked on for 20-30 seconds. Never rush stretching and we hope this lets you forget the horrible bowling pun.





Have you watched a football match and it goes into extra time? Have you noticed that some players get massaged? With massage, this helps to remove the lactic acid build-up in muscles and allows you to maintain your range of motion. Massage helps remove knots from lack of treatment so you can perform more efficiently.


Active Recovery


Normally after a big game or session, you want to stay in bed to recover however, active recovery can be a key factor to look into. Rest is great but it can become addictive, you can have one day off and then it became two, three and you’ve had a week off. Missing out on so many days can mean you are reducing your progress and active recovery helps to maintain your regime. On your day off you can choose your favourite cardio machine and go for a low intensity for 30 minutes or, you can go for a lightweight session. Active recovery helps to increase your resting heart rate, accelerating the blood flow for a faster recovery.





Yoga Belt – Stretchingrecovery



Yoga Block – Stretching



Foam Roller – Massage



Massage Stick

massage stick


Bike – Active Recover



Cross Trainer – Active Recover



Rowing Machine – Active recover



Treadmill – Active Recover


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