Losing Weight Vs Losing Body Fat.


A constant battle of words when it comes to this subject. Losing weight can be someone’s goal however, losing body fat is the main objective. We will share the what the difference between the two are and what you should be focusing on.


Losing weight


Losing Weight


This is seen as the ultimate goal for anyone that would like to see the scale change. The problem is companies will come up with all sorts of methods to show off the quickest way to lose weight. These methods will include liquid diets and lack of liquid diets until it gets worse…minimal food diets aka starvation.


The problem with quick schemes is our bodies are very smart and will adjust to the strenuous ways it has been put through. As these diets are all short term, your body will have a rebound affect and in a matter of weeks, the weight will return.


Just from reading the last two paragraphs, it really displays that losing weight needs to be more specific, relatable and reliable and this is where losing body fat steps in.

Losing Body Fat


This is the real goal, losing body fat is what we all should be thinking when it comes to losing weight. Too much fat is the problem and the solution will be a long-term goal. This list below will show what needs to be in consideration whilst training to lose body fat.


Calorie Deficit


Follow your calories and use a calorie calculator to make sure you have target.




Make sure the foods eaten are healthy and fit in with calorie amount and macros.




Staying hydrated will help your body process the food and prevent becoming de-hydrated.


Strength Training


Building a strength program will help recruit muscles for calorie burning and progression to hold onto more muscle to burn fat.




Rest allows you to recover from your training and prepare you for the next day.


Monitor Your Progress


And finally monitor your progress. Use an app to record calories to ensure nutrition and hydration is correct. Grab a scale to do a weekly weigh-in if you have to make adjustments to your meals. Track workouts to ensure progressive overload is in check.



And there you have it, a simple guide showing how to lose weight and how to lose body fat, the choice is yours (not really just lose body fat)

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