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A Healthy Christmas: 6 Christmas Food Swaps

A ‘healthy’ Christmas is a crazy idea even to us fitness lovers. BUT there is such a thing as a ‘healthier’ Christmas. The holiday season is so hard for those trying to lose weight, temptations at every...

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Which Juice for Which Mood?

Which Juice for Which Mood? Since the dawn of time other countries have believed that ordinary ingredients have medicinal qualities. In India, spices are not just eaten to flavour food, but rather cure a symptom. They even...

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10 of the Top Super Foods:

1. Blueberries-packed with antioxidants, vitamins and fiber. Blueberries are great for bodies that need extra defence from oxidative stress, like the cardiovascular system. Helping to re-build nerve endings, these little blue jewels make provide many cognitive benefits....